Nikon Photo Recovery Freeware: How to Recover Formatted Pictures on Nikon Cool-pix

Nikon Cool-pix is a digital camera designed with unique features like auto focus, high resolution LCD screen, waterproof, GPS etc. It uses various memory card to store captured pictures inside it. It generally saves its pictures in either RAW or JPEG format. But sometime memory card get corrupted and user need to format the card so that it can be reused again. They later on realizes that the memory card contained some important pictures. Hence this irritate them a lot and they start on searching for a way to recover their formatted pictures.

Well but there is no need to worry as they can still recover their formatted pictures if they store a backup. But if there is no backup then it become a problem. Then user should immediately search for a reliable Nikon photo recovery freeware for instant picture recovery. But before that you need to stop using your Nikon Cool-pix to take new pictures. This is so because there are major chances of the space getting replaced by a new one which will overwrite the lost data and the loses the chances of recovery.

Use Photo Recovery Software

For easy retrieval of formatted pictures from Nikon Cool-pix, a photo recovery software could easily help in retrieval of formatted pictures from the digital camera. It scans the entire memory card to check whether the lost pictures are recoverable or deleted forever. It displays the preview of the files to be recovered. The software help in retrieving not only the pictures but other media files like video files too. Along with formatted pictures it also undelete accidentally deleted photos too. The photo recovery software has advanced capability to restore image from any data loss situation whether it be human error, card file system corrupted etc. It retrieves the pictures in its original format along with its details.

User Guide: How to Use Photo Recovery Software

Step 1: Attach the Nikon camera to your PC and then select the start scan option.

Step 2: Choose a particular drive to restore your photos and then select smart scanning for customizing the Nikon photo recovery.

Step 3: It displays a complete preview of the mp4 files before recovery. Then select the file type list to choose the desired file types.

Step 4: Now select the individual files to start recovering the old files. Then start scanning the entire files. A progress bar appears which shows the scanning process.

Step 5: When scanning process completes up, a list of all recovered files appears to have preview.

Step 6: Then select a location in order to save the recovered video files. Hence you can get your files saved in your desired location.


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